Sitting here watching the last game of the Red Sox/White Sox ALDS with my SO and enjoying the bottom of the ninth like it was the Giants beating the Braves in ’02. Let’s hear it for the White Sox! Way to go, guys. Thank you for giving us a fucking break from Yankees-Red Sox crapfest ’05. And by the way… I say, by the way, Chris Berman? Take the Red Sox’ cock out of your mouth enough to realize that they just got handed a first round exit, you cum-stained Bostonian whore. “Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox”? For what? For being handed a first round exit in three games? Oh yeah.. congratulations Boston Red Sox, for kissing a repeat goodbye and for displaying such laughable chokery, the likes of which we will never see again…. until Saturday when the Cards sweep the Padres.

Sorry, do not pass GO! Do not collect an ALCS. Go straight to the end of your season. No repeats for you, Red Sox. But hey… congratulations. You guys showed serious hustle towards getting swept. πŸ™‚

It’s going to be a nice Cardinals and White Sox World Series ’05. Cardinals in 6. Mark my words.

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