So, I’ve decided to leave LiveJournal. This isn’t a joke. My last day will be November 23rd. It’s been a nice run since April 2002, about five years and six months of blogging. And, of course, I won’t forget the friends I’ve made through LJ. If you want to keep in touch, reply here and I’ll include you in on where I’ll be leaving to.

LiveJournal’s just become a little too arbitrary for me in their policies and the like. It’s gone from this awesome community of people to something like the day after AOL gave their users USENET access. A cavalcade of crap that never stops. Rather than continue to give LJ money or suffer through the basic account nightmare after having had this account for so long, I’ve decided to just archive my posts and take my leave.

Just to be clear: no one has pushed me away from LJ. I didn’t have a fight with anyone or a group/community. I just have had enough of LJ’s bullshit.

In 20 days from tomorrow, I’ll delete the account for good.

And someone else can have my username.

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