Two Days Left…

Until all LiveJournal cross-posting will come to a halt. On November 23rd, I will no longer be posting my new blog’s posts to my livejournal account. This means that if you haven’t already done so, you should add the jetblacks_place feed available here on LJ. Take a moment and do that now, if you want to keep reading my posts.

I’ve made my WordPress blog as LJ-compatible as possible. You can login using your livejournal URL ( under the URL portion of commenting. It’ll redirect you back to your LJ to authorize the call, but it’ll help you with making sure you don’t have to keep entering in information all the time.

I know this move will lose a lot of people, but then again, you guys weren’t really reading me to begin with, right? 😉

Now playing on iTunes: Hirano Aya – God knows…

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