Almost Dawn

I left work early yesterday because I had scheduled a customer call at midnight. There was a system in Israel that required some tender loving care, but the on-site administrator wouldn’t be available until late. So, I told my boss’ boss that I would be taking off a few hours early so I could rest up and be fresh for the call. The call, which I thought would take like a couple of hours, ended up being closer to four and half. I didn’t get to sleep until 4:30am, after being awake for more than twenty hours straight and feeling the fatigue set in around 11:30pm.

I won’t go into exactly how many fucking roadblocks this system put up in my way during the attempt to resolve the issue, but needless to say that it put up a good fight before I finally conquered the bitch and made it dance the way I needed it to. It was like hurry up and wait for most of it, considering the mean distance between me and the system, but there was a watchdog on the system that kept rebooting it every half-hour or so. So, I would make a lot of progress, but then the watchdog would kick off and then erase what I did. That happened twice before I said, fuck it… I’m not waiting for it to refresh the screen. Luckily, I didn’t typo, so it was all good, but spending an hour and a half on that alone was driving me up a wall. In between refreshes, I watched DVDs, or read a book or two.

By the time I was finished with that part of it, I collapsed into bed and woke up just in time for the status meeting at work. I’m so happy I got to work from home today!

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