So, according to my Feedburner statistics, it looks like I had 43 readers yesterday. I don’t think I even posted anything yesterday, either, so it’s like when I put up 6 posts in one day, you guys don’t read, but then I don’t blog for a day and suddenly I’m popular. I wonder what would happen if I stopped posting altogether 😉 Anyway, I spent Sunday at Todd’s again and I’m starting to get the hang of that drive up and down. I took Jody and Teri with me, so they could hang out with their brother on the holiday weekend. Todd’s by himself up there, so I was not wanting him to just enjoy his solitude while everyone else around him was busy with family things, yanno?

Quick question for anyone out there: am I the only one playing GameTap these days? I’m poised to cancel on 11/30, but if I have enough buddies on there, I might reconsider. Actually, I may stay because I looked at the list of new games for January 08, and they’re bringing back all the titles I used to play on DOS in the early 90s. Just for that, 10 bucks a month is worth it. Seriously, though, I have no friends on GameTap and I’m feeling lonely.

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    • jetblack on November 26, 2007 at 15:21

    Heh, I’m jetblack, there. 😉 See you on.

    • Kaibara on November 26, 2007 at 16:58

    Well, I was catching up! Yes, yes, I’m still alive here. I’m one of your blog lurkers. 🙂

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