iLuv my iPhone

I’m not sure if you know, but I recently got myself an iPhone 3G.  I’ve been pretty impressed with it so far, much to the delight of my wife who has taken full credit for “converting” me to the Apple cult.  Lest we not forget that I was running a LinuxPPC server in the late 90s and I did Apple networks at two different schools in the bay area as a volunteer, right? 😉  Or that I have a G4 server sitting in my living room right now.  I think she just likes to divide us into Apple and PC people for the arguments that will inevitably ensue over which is better.  I’ll give Apple props for hardware, but I’d rather run Windows because the applications are far more useful (to me).  Since you can now run Windows on a Mac, I’ll probably be buying a Mac Book Pro and installing Windows on it. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been having a field day with my iPhone.  I’ve downloaded a metric ton of applications for it and one of the cooler aspects of owning this thing is the fact that I have been introduced to Pandora.  Where the hell have I been that I’ve not been properly indoctrinated into this thing?  I’ve created like six radio stations and I’ve really enjoyed them all.  It’s not just being able to listen to your favorite stuff, it’s also being introduced to really good music that’s similar to it. I’ve discovered several new artists that I’ve got to start listening to (as if I really needed more music to listen to, right?), and now I don’t really need to put together playlists for long trips if I don’t want to. The only pity is the fact that Pandora doesn’t really have much in the way of Japanese music… oh well. Not like I’m hurting for vocal jazz or funk, either 😉

If you previously had my phone number, ditch it. It’s no longer valid. If you’re on Facebook or you have my email address, you can retrieve the new one pretty quickly by visiting my profile or sending me an email (as long as I call you friend, of course).

I started work this morning at 7am, which is the earliest I’ve reported for work in a really long time. Usually, I’m in at 10 or later, or working the graveyard shift. It was really weird to wake up at 6am and roll out of bed while Aqua Teen Hunger Force played in the background. I’m covering for a recently fired employee who acted as the case coordinator for the team. We already hired a replacement, but it’s going to take a while for him to get up to speed, and until then, I’m the one answering all the phones. It was crazy busy this morning, too. I was exhausted by 2pm, and I’m already heading for bed so I’m not completely fucked over tomorrow.

In other news, the Giants are about to blow a seven-run lead, and the Tribe toppled the Tigers. Well, at least one of them won.

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