Meme Alert: 100 Things I Love

1. Opening Day.
2. The first pitch.
3. Jon and Flemm calling the games.
4. The fog canopy over the ballpark.
5. Driving down Highway 1.
6. Driving on the Golden Gate Bridge and seeing the spires disappear into the fog.
7. The north side of the Gate, watching the city at night for hours.
8. Driving at night.
9. Singing as loud as I can in my car while driving at high speeds.
10. The moment when you heart leaps because you hear the voice or see the face of that special someone.
11. The fact that number ten never goes away.
12. Defeating the intimidating blank white page by putting words on it.
13. Knowing you mean something to someone else.
14. The smell of the grass.
15. Hearing someone scream C’mon Blue at the top of their lungs.
16. The crack of the bat.
17. The smell of the glove.
18. The perfectly executed double play.
19. Closing off the rest of the world and burying myself in a good book I’ve read a million times before.
20. Reading until I can’t see straight.
21. When I put a smile on someone else’s face.
22. Iced tea.
23. Tonkatsu.
24. Learning at least one new thing every day.
25. Meeting new people.
26. Listening to people talk about themselves.
27. A deep, passionate, soul-touching kiss that lasts an hour and makes you whimper uncontrollably.
28. Freckles.
29. Laughter in the bedroom.
30. Sunsets.
31. The ocean.
32. History.
33. Chocolate.
34. Cherries.
35. Ice cream.
36. Tollbooths.
37. Giving affection.
38. Receiving affection.
39. An inside joke that relies on nothing more than a choice phrase.
40. Smiling and not realizing it.
41. Moments of clarity.
42. My sense of humor.
43. Talking to friends on the phone.
44. Wild Cherry Pepsi.
45. A well-made burrito with carne asada.
46. Round Table Pizza.
47. Laughing so hard your sides hurt.
48. Passion.
49. Singing because you’re happy.
50. Expressing myself without fear of reprisal.
51. Swimming.
52. The company of a close friend.
53. Feeling resolute.
54. Intelligence.
55. Easing someone’s pain.
56. When a plan comes together.
57. Anticipation.
58. Writing all day and night.
59. Being hopelessly in love.
60. Intelligent writing.
61. When art moves me to emotional extremes.
62. The moment you step out of the shower.
63. Foreplay that goes on so long that she begs you to finish.
64. A Venti Chocolate Creme Frappucino from Starbucks.
65. Making eye contact while speaking.
66. Inner beauty.
67. The purr of a kitten.
68. Debating intelligently.
69. Diffusing a fight.
70. The taste of a well-prepared steak.
71. Two year old Merlot.
72. Being appreciated.
73. Messing with people.
74. Close friendships.
75. Hugs.
76. The pursuit of happiness.
77. Sending flowers to the one you love and agonizing over what to put on the card (for three hours).
78. Lightly squeezing someone’s hand while holding it.
79. When they squeeze back.
80. Hotel room service.
81. Valet parking.
82. When someone tells me that they will take care of me.
83. Road trips.
84. Mix tapes/CDs.
85. Having a laptop.
86. Playing a saxophone.
87. Marathons of TV watching, induced by a recently-arrived DVD Box Set.
88. Dorama Night.
89. Extra Inning ballgames.
90. Crooning.
91. TiVo.
92. Hair with a hint of red in it.
93. The feel of a suit.
94. Long talks.
95. A modicum of chilvary.
96. The feeling after cleaning something.
97. Cold weather/fog.
98. Good memories.
99. Civil liberties.
100. Hitting it off from the moment you meet.

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