Sic Transit Cochrane

Update from the previous entry: I took my midterm. I’m not one hundred percent certain I passed. To be honest, I felt unprepared, however, my professor is a kind professor and will allow me the opportunity to prove that I did learn the material at a later date. And now, on to the new entry…

Thanks to J. Michael Strazcynski and Babylon 5 for the inspiration of this entry’s title.

I’m not sure if it’s been properly illustrated for you, dear reader, but for the past seven days, I have not enjoyed a single day off from work. My company has been in a state of movement from the old facility in Palo Alto to the new facility in Mountain View. The old facility was what came to be expected of a startup company, but as time passes and the company grows, of course, it must headquarter itself in a place where space is not at a premium.

Now, at the old place, we had so many people that literally, cubes were being placed in the oddest placest. Filing cabinets were condensed or stored and in their place, these two by two partitions were erected with small desks and called cubes. It was getting really cramped, and you could tell that with the limited space, we were going to have to buy portables or start stacking people on top of one another, were it not for the new office building. And the new building is amazing. Three floors, the cubes are constructed from actual wood and not flimsy particle board with felt coverings. It looks very swank, I must say. With my company tripling its profits per fiscal quarter, it certainly shows in the furnishings. Having worked for startups in the past, I hope that this one, while already out of its infancy, doesn’t suffer the same fate as the others.

I have finally constructed my cube the way I want it. I now have two machines on my desk, one named Mutsumi (for Otohime Mutusmi from Love Hina) which is a Windows 2000 server, and the other is named Firiona Vie (for the High Elf mage from EverQuest) and she is a RedHat 7.2 server. I’m trying to relearn linux, and use X exclusively. However, with the demands and tasks of work, Windows is an every day annoyance I cannot escape. Even so, I’m feeling very excited about going to work tomorrow, despite having an Algebra midterm in the morning.

There is a bit of irony in working in Mountain View and living in Campbell. As it so happens, my ex-wife, Stephanie, lives in Mountain View and works for my company’s competitor… whose headquarters is located in Campbell. For the past several days, I’ve been walking around Mountain View, looking for all the old places I recall from when I was married and ended up visiting this city because of her friends. And it just sort of dawned on me. She gets up and goes to work where I live, and I go to work where she lives. Of course, because of the times that we work, we will actually be in the same city at the same time. I’m suddenly a little anxious about bumping into her in the downtown area. Oh well, c’est la vie

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