Zero Hour

Every two to three weeks, I will cycle through games depending on the circumstances. For a good four weeks there, I was playing EverQuest everyday for hours on end without fail, and after spending more time online and finishing my book, I’ve neglected to play EQ for a good long while. In its place, and along with , I’ve been playing Command & Conquer: Generals (Zero:Hour) every day online. It’s a big difference between the constant levelling of a character versus trying to see if you have what it takes to go against other human players with tactics and strategy. We both treat the maps like a recon mission; locate resources, determine distances, formulate defensive perimeters to prevent incursions. On certain maps, we put together a nice manner of perimeter lines, placing laser or EMP patriots along two to three lines to keep a handle on the defenses. Between the two of us, we compliment each other greatly in defending our bases together… where his units are exposed, my units are able to bridge that gap.

It’s a pretty good game, and speaking as a player of all the C&C games (C&C, Red Alert 1/2, Tiberian Sun), this is a worthy descendant of the Command & Conquer banner.

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