A Pepsi and two Hot Chocolates later…

Mountain View is a great place to be hungry or thirsty in. Unlike the previous area I was in, it was a fucking desolate region. You had to drive into East Palo Alto or downtown Palo Alto or Mountain View’s north side in order to get something to eat. The only offset to not being local to any restaurants (fast food or otherwise), was that my company stocked the break room with food. Lots of it. If you couldn’t go out to eat, then they pretty much provided you with the means to make something. Cereal, bread, tuna, chicken, pizza, hot pockets, you name it. If you could invest a little bit of time, and it could be cooked in a microwave or the toaster oven, you were good to go. I’ve partaken of the break room stores on many occasions, although recently I’ve tended to just drink the milk and that’s pretty much it. Lately, I’ve cut back on fatty crap to try and get below 300 pounds.

But getting back to working here in Mountain View… it’s amazing the sheer amount of activity there is within walking distance. Two nights ago, I was out in the streets at a little past midnight and had an enormous amount of Chinese food takeout in the NOC with the other guys. Massive portions of fried rice and lemon chicken that was really delicious. Today, though, I’m the only one in the NOC, so I have to wait for someone to come back so I can walk around and find something new to pick up. Maybe I can go get some tempura balls from the sushi joint right across from us on the main street there. My last relationship had me living with a sushi eating machine. California rolls galore! I don’t think I can get the smell of raw fish out of my mind, but now it’s just making me hungry. Damn you, Marla and Abbie… I think the sushi taste rubbed off. It’s an expensive delicacy, too.

Today, though, I would like to just walk down to one of the deli’s and pick up a roast beef sandwich or a hot meatball sandwich. As I was driving in to work this morning, it was a little before lunch, and all the places were gearing up for the lunchtime rush. Turns out that right at lunch, the whole downtown area is like the fall of Saigon, practically. People and cars everywhere, and lines run out into the street almost. Most of the guys around here are talking about waiting until 2pm or so to get something. Since it’s after two, I’ll end here and pick up later.

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