It’s Like Sunshine on a Cloudy Day!

I happened to be sitting in my car earlier, humming along with one of the CDs burned for me by my best friend Todd. Several of the tracks on the CD happen to be from an arcade game known as Dance Dance Revolution. I play DDR on various occasions. I like to dance, and it always gives me a pretty good workout. I don’t play it quite enough, unfortunately, as much as I would really love to play it day in and day out, I don’t get enough opportunity to drive over to Golfland and play to my heart’s content. My legs would scream bloody murder, for one reason, and the other is that it’s a buck per play.

I had the opportunity to go with Todd, Jody, Dave, and Thomas last Tuesday night, where we played for over five hours straight. Well, Dave didn’t play for five hours straight, he just sat there and made fun of us. Thomas got up on the Para Para Paradise machine and did his little hand dancing thing, which made all of us laugh. Every time I go play DDR, I never ever fail to have fun. Last time, though, Todd and I walked out of the place on inertia, because our legs were so sore. If I recall correctly, Todd’s knees gave out on him twice that night. My thighs were killing me all through the next day, but I still had a hell of a lot of fun getting sore.

DDRMAX, also known as Dance Dance Revolution 6th mix, is the newest of the editions to come out in the arcade version, and I’ve only played it maybe three times. Todd, Jody, and I tend to like to stick to the 4th mix Plus version. 4th mix plus allows for complete album play, which is a nice improvement over 4th mix regular, since they only allow you to select from one collection. DDRMAX has almost all new songs, so it’s something I have to get used to, not to mention different kinds of moves that you have to perform. Holding your foot down on a particular pad, while the other foot moves around the other pads… and if you should lift your foot too soon, you kill that move dead. It’s interesting, but it’s also taking a lot to get used to, since on the earlier versions, you could move around, so long as you hit the pad once and quickly during that interval. This makes game play difficult, but keeps it interesting and fun.

Hopefully, after this weekend is over, I’ll have a chance to go to Golfland and have some fun.

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