Star no Koi!

As usual, I have found a new obsession, though this one is all Karen’s fault! She finished the “Over Time” tapes, and thoroughly let me have it over dragging her through that series and causing her grand amounts of distress over it. She exacted her revenge by introducing me to “Star no Koi” (for which IMDb has no entry). This series is pretty amazing, with a plot similar to “Yamato Nadeshiko”, except that instead of a stewardess looking for financial happiness, we have an actress who’s struggling with her own identity, and at the same time, falling for a poor salaryman who maintains his adoration just like most guys stupidly do. The tension is so thick, it’s almost unbearable, but I keep on watching to see what happens! Bleh! I will have to go out and get something so heartwrenching that Karen will keel over and concede my dorama superiority! Muhaha!

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