Visiting the City by the Bay Twice in One Week or I Truly Left my Heart in San Francisco

Some notes before I begin: I finally got my KOR TV Box set, and I got Neverwinter Nights as a birthday gift! I really need a machine with a GeForce, now. And a nice working top of the line one, too…

I was just commenting to a friend that I really miss San Francisco. Back in the day, I was a regular weekend visitor to this absolutely amazing city. This was back when Ken Lau used to live there, instead of now living in Las Vegas. To be honest, I just really liked the sense of being in a city with definition and character. San Jose is a great city to live in, but I wouldn’t want to visit it. San Francisco, on the other hand, is a great place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. If that makes any sense whatsoever, then continue to read.

Last night, I went to go see the Giants take on the Arizona Diamondbacks in a night game at Pacific Bell Park. The Diamondbacks got pasted 6-3 in a really chilly night game, where the fog rolled in right off the bay and into the park. It gave the park a really smoky effect, and I was loving every minute of it. I love San Francisco weather. I love the fog, the winds, the fact that one hour it’ll be bone-chilling cold, and in the next blazing hot. But see, it never gets too hot, because of the ocean breeze, and that’s why San Francisco is just so damn cool. No pun intended, of course. By the time we left, it was a little after 2100 and the winds were gusty and awesome. I love being tossed around by those gusts.

This morning, I had to wake up at 0800 to make it to my sister’s place in Manteca before 1000. My father asked me to drive him to Santa Rosa by way of Richmond (i.e.: crossing over the San Rafael Bridge, instead of the Golden Gate). He was buying a truck from an old friend of his, and was going to stay the night in Santa Rosa and then drive the truck down tomorrow morning. So, after doing all of that, it meant I got to go into San Francisco again. Just before I got to the Golden Gate Bridge, the fog started rolling in again, and the twin sections of the bridge disappeared within the fog when I looked up in the middle of rush hour traffic. It was the one time I didn’t mind being stuck on the bridge, as I opened both windows and just let the winds into the car. It’s too bad I didn’t get to stop in the city and hang out, because then it would’ve made that trip even better.


I love San Francisco.

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