Reawakening Memories and the Cosmic Tumblers

There’s a single line written by W.P. Kinsella in Field of Dreams and spoken in the screenplay by Kevin Costner, as he’s quoting Terrance Mann (played by James Earl Jones), wherein there lies a moment in your life when all the cosmic tumblers fall into place and the universe opens itself up just a bit. Like a moment of clarity or epiphany. Wednesday night, when I went to go pick up Todd from his work and took him home, it seemed as though we were in a real need to revisit the good old days of high school and talk about how much things have changed since then.

I can recall the days of old, some of them are glossed over, while others remain painfully clear. When you’re young, you do a lot of stupid shit, for sure. You just do. But that’s all part of the maturing experience, vital to that whole being an adult thing that must come. I look back on my early college years as opposed to my current situation, and I’m still rather confused as to how the hell I got here. Oh, well.

I went looking for a whole bunch of good mp3s tonight, and I ended up just looking for all the missing Dorama themes I’ve been wanting for a while. I ended up getting the other two themes from “Over Time”, “Tokyo Love Story”, and Star no Koi (which is going to drive Karen up a wall, since she told me she’s been looking for this song for a while). The songs from Over Time that I was missing was the song done by Yamaguchi Yuko called “Believe”, which is a really sweet slow song, and Kaede by Spitz. Spitz is a group I just recently got acquainted with.

UPDATE: I finally finished Star no Koi! I love this series, now. Definitely adding it into my collection, just as soon as I get done copying these .mpgs over.

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