Monday Headaches

Last Thursday, I completed my uncle’s father’s computer with minimal stress. This morning, however, I had to return to his house to do an install of Office 2000, as he’s the secretary of the board for the company my uncle owns, and he needs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to compile the meeting minutes and view some fot he presentations the vice-presidents make and distribute. While I was there, though, his mouse was having some problems making the transition from Windows 98 to Windows XP Professional. He’s a trackball fan, like me, so I told him about the latest trackball optical that Microsoft put out, and off we went to Fry’s.

While at Fry’s, we picked up the mouse, as well as an impulse item. It’s utterly impossible to go to Fry’s and not look at some of the other stuff they have there. Window shopping in that kind of store just doesn’t not happen unless you’re in a real hurry and you need to get what you need and then get the fuck out of Dodge. Otherwise, you’re stuck either in the video card area, or the hard drive area, checking out prices and figuring out what the going price for various parts are these days. I usually keep my finger on the the pulse over at, but actually seeing the box or part in front of you makes a big difference. Anyway, my uncle’s father did buy a couple of impulse items on his way out of the store. A 40 inch Sony Trinitron television and the matching stand, along with the 715 model Sony DVD Player. All told, he spent multiple thousands of dollars in the blink of an eye, once he figured out exactly what he wanted. It was pretty impressive.

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