Dia de mi Familia

I promised my mother yesterday that I would have lunch with her and my grandmother today. I got up at ten in the morning. Not because I had a lunch date with them, but because I just cannot sleep past ten no matter how tired I am or how much I just try to close my eyes and go back to sleep. If my body knows it’s past ten, it’ll get up and remind me that I have things to do. When I stay up late on my days off, it’s pretty much a done deal that I’ll be without sleep. So on Thursday nights, I try to get to sleep as early as possible, so that I’ll be rested for the first twelve-hour shift on Friday morning. I arrived at my grandmother’s house at around noon, and we decided to go to the Rock Bottom Restaurant at the Pruneyard. I caught up on the recent family events and details. I’ve been pretty much out of the loop insofar as my mom’s side of the family is concerned, having been somewhat neck-deep in my dad’s side over the past few months.

My mother and father are driving together to Wichita Falls, Texas, to see my sister and her family, to spend Thanksgiving with them. My grandmother has opted out of spending Thanksgiving with anyone, including my aunt Yvette and uncle Bob (same uncle from yesterday’s post). My aunt and uncle are going over to my uncle’s brother’s house for the holiday weekend and will eat over there. Much to their dismay, Grandma has just decided to not go with anyone. Though, I think she did talk about going down to Fresno to visit relatives, but that’s not set in stone, and knowing her, she’ll probably just decide to stay home and watch television all day long, as that’s just what she wants to do. Me? I’ll either be working, or relaxing. I would just love to do the latter, because with the recent work stresses, relaxing sounds just about right. I think Todd’s going to try his damndest to get me to go with them to his family’s Thanksigiving, but I have my qualms about doing that. I have other invitations I could pursue, as well, like going over to ‘s place, but again, I’ve not made any firm plans right now. I still have a week to figure it out.

Following the lunch, I called my aunt Yvette to ask her what she was up to. Turned out that she was on her way out the door because she needed to pick up Ashton (the third child) from her high school and take her to a doctor’s appointment, and also pick up Alyssa (the fourth child) and take her to dance class. Since I was in the general vicinity of Ashton, I offered to pick her up and take her to wherever she needed to go. I haven’t spent much time with them, and they’re growing up pretty fast. She got into the car, and we went to the doctor’s, Starbuck’s, and then my place where she procrastinated in true sophmore style, and we went to go play DDR for two hours. When we got back, she pumped her Spanish homework through babelfish.altavista.com, and she was done for the night. I took her home, but she had a lot of fun, or so she admitted. I talked with Alyssa and Andrew (the second child) when I got up there, just visiting and making sure they remembered who I was. I forgot how much fun it was to spend with the kids, as well as talking with Yvette and Bob. It’s too bad our schedules don’t mesh well enough to allow more time together, but I guess that’s just the way things are for right now.

When I got done dropping her off and going home, it was already ten to ten… I’m about ready to drop into sleep, now.

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