Scuzziness and Taiho Shichauzou

I enjoyed an entire day of scuzziness, thanks in whole to a cancelled appointment. I hadn’t had much of a chance to really be lazy over the course of the past two days, and with the upcoming work schedule changes, this will mean that I will be cut from four days off to three days off, just as it was back when I first started working at PayPal. I needed an entire day to simply lay back, not worry about having to go anywhere or do anything. Like I said, even though I get time off, it seems as though my off-time is promised to someone or something. Not being at work does not always mean I am not working on something. Bleh. Anyway…

I started watching Taiho Shichauzou last night and continued on into today. I had forgotten how good this series is and how much fun it was to watch it. In the middle of getting through the first box set, though, Todd and I finished up Princess Nine. The ending, without giving anything away, was a typical Japanese ending. I was disappointed at one part, but I enjoyed the series overall. Back to more Taiho!

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