Jackie Brown

Todd had an interview today over at the Mervyn’s in Cupertino. One of our old bosses from Software Etc is a manager there; not the manager, mind you. He turned in his application, did his interview, and found out that they were offering way below than what he was looking for. But, if he wants the job, it’s his, which is a good thing from where I’m sitting. Having that kind of option is something most people don’t have these days, and especially with the job market being so damn dry. Todd’s shooting for something similiar to what he was making at Software Etc, but I don’t think he realizes that wherever you start at a new retail place, you’ve got to work your way from the bottom rung. There are no caches in the retail industry, unless you were a store manager for at least two years. Managers can laterally move, but assistant managers and associates cannot. It’s a harsh truth, but he’s considering the minimum wage position because it’s far better than what he’s making right now.

Anyway, since they did offer him the position, I decided to take the three of us out to Jody’s favorite place to eat: Kyoto Palace. Kyoto Palace is this Benihana-wannabe place with better food and higher prices. Jody’s been sort of in a funk that he has not been able to shake, and so I figured what with Todd’s job offer and his funk, we could kill two birds with one stone and feed everyone. Todd hates Benihana-type restaurants, but there’s an expression my grandfather used to tell me: you can’t be too choosy about free food. It seemed to lift Jody’s spirits a little bit, but he’s still pretty closed up about what’s been bothering him. He went home tonight and I’m sure he’ll be able to talk to his older brother about it, at least I hope so. On our way back from dropping Jody off at home, I stopped by Fry’s and Tower to see if I could find Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. These, in reverse order, are my favorite Quentin Tarantino films. I like Jackie Brown far better than Pulp Fiction, though I can appreciate Pulp Fiction’s message. Jackie Brown is better, because I’ve always like Pam Grier, and I was happy she finally landed a role that really proved her true range as an actor. Not to mention that the story was penned by Elmore Leonard, who wrote another of my all-time favorites, Get Shorty. All in all, I had a fun night, and now that I’m done watching Jackie Brown, I’m going to try and see if I can’t get a good night’s sleep before tomorrow’s shift.

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