I really love my job. I spoke with my boss tonight, and he was incredibly sympathetic to my concerns about working at eBay, saying that he would do whatever was necessary to help me out if I should need it. And without firing me, which is a major plus. That kind of support you just don’t find very often in a workplace. If this were Acer, I would hear the crack of the whip and then feel it as they told me to shut the fuck up and get back to work. It’s kind of nice to know that people actually give a damn from time to time, with the offers of consoling and stuff. Even my co-workers were concerned about that, wanting to know if I was going to be all right. Not to mention the support I got from my friends in both the real world as well as on LJ and WNOHGB. Thanks muchly to everyone who showed concern. I was very touched by the responses I read and received.

I’m trying to put a nice optimistic face on this. We were friends well before we even though about each other in the romantic sense. We made each othe rlaugh and she even played some practical jokes on me (grr) at times, that when I look back, make me laugh pretty hard. It would be nice to go back to that, without any sort of expectations. But I wonder if I’m able to do that without bringing up the past. I should be able to, but I’d have to be pretty fake and hold back stuff all the time. After all, you don’t necessarily go to work to make someone else’s life a living hell, it just wouldn’t be professional (unless you’re the BOFH, which I’m not). As I said before, she’s not the type of person to go out of her way to do that to someone, and so I’m very sure we can get along if I give it my best try. My last report puts us at possibly thirty days before we move, but I’ll be sure to rant here if that changes.

In other news: I’m having some problems with the car lease people. Toyota called me up last week, and then I called them up and the gist of the conversation pretty much goes down two ways. Either I a) pay them $14,600 to buy out the car or b) I turn the car back in to them. I went to my credit union and applied for a loan, which I’ll find out about later today. If I get the loan through my credit union, then I’ll just refinance through them and do the automagic payment/deduction from my bank account every month for thirty months. Then the car will be mine and I’ll be very happy. If not, then I’ll see if I can’t refinance through Toyota (which is the silent third option that the second guy talked about). In all honesty, I would rather owe my credit union, who’re just really cool people to deal with, than have to deal with Toyota anymore.

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