Exams, Term Papers, and Essays, oh my!

First, a little diversion for you all…

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Second, it looks like the time to stress out has finally come. Tomorrow morning, June 2nd, I will have to register for summer courses at Foothill at about 5am. Why? Because I need English 1A, and according to everyone I’ve talked to, that’s like the most popular section to take over the summer, largely due to the fact that it’s a requirement for all subsequent English courses (which I need in the form of English 1B and possibly English 52), and the summer internet course is the best way to carry that out. I’ve been having a blast with my online history and philosophy courses, so I figured I would just do the most intense courses in their 5-6 week programs (June 30 to August 2) and get them out of the way so I can concentrate on my fall courses. Hey, the upside to all this is that I won’t have to wake up every morning to be somewhere for the summer… working and taking spring courses has been playing havoc with my sleep schedule.

In addition to the above, this week I have two exams (Math and Japanese), as well as a term paper due on Thursday in History (which I did a little bit of research on this weekend), and an essay due in Philosophy on Monday night. The essay I can handle, but I also have homework in both Japanese and Math due tomorrow morning, so I’m stressing at getting that done and I needed to vent. Stupid work for suddenly being busy tonight and not allowing me to study in peace!

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