Having three cans of orange juice and then a Chocolate Creame Frappucino from Starbucks made for an interesting chocolate orange taste for most of the morning. It was almost like a weird Chocolate Orange thing I usually see around the holidays, the ones you smash into a table in order to crack it open and eat the individual slices. My mother loves those things so much, she saves them like a squirrel would acorns.

I was kind of hoping for a calm day today, but it looks like eBay is on its way toward a record traffic day. What’s a record traffic day? eBay tracks it’s throughput in real time; they have numbers changing up on one of the large displays, letting those of us know exactly how much traffic the site is handling. I can’t really put those numbers up here, but needless to say that it’s in the gigabit range, but not quite double-digits. It’s been like this over the past two weeks, especially on Labor Day. More people staying home equals more traffic on the site. We’re expecting major numbers over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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