Double Dose

Taking Japanese 4 and Japanese 13A is actually working out a little better than I thought. It’s like taking Japanese 4 twice, but in a good way. Japanese 4 concentrates on grammatical mechanics of the language, and 13A gives me the conversation practice I so desperately need. None of my current friends speak the language (at least, who’re available to me on a daily basis), and so I don’t really get the opportunity to speak the language. My listening abilities are pretty good, though sometimes I feel like a fucking Bynar. I listen, but I have to go over what was said in my head a few times before I realize the context and the vocabulary I’m missing. Given the context clues, I’m usually 80% dead-on in understanding what was said. It’s too bad I won’t be able to take 13B next quarter.

I’m officially overloaded next quarter with 20 units. Why? I’m trying to transfer to SFSU for Fall 2004. That means I need a) 84 transferable units, b) a minimum 2.0 GPA (I currently have a 2.994), c) complete Area A and Math requirements. Area A of the Intermural General Education Transfer Cirriculum is English 1A, English 1B, and Public Speaking. So, for Winter Quarter, my lineup’ll be Japanese 5, Math 10 (the first transferable unit Math course, and the last one I’ll ever take), English 1A, and Speech 1A. This is so I can take Japanese 6, English 1B, History 17B, and Music 3A in the Spring, which is another 20 unit quarter. Music 3A is covering my Arts/Letters requirement. I’ve actually already taken 3A at West Valley, but it was not transferable. Stupid WVC >_< So far, the highest unit content in a quarter has been 19, and I ended up with a 3.0 GPA there, so maybe 20 isn't so bad... I don't know. Last night, after class at 9:35, Dave, Dan and I decided to drive separately to meet up at a Denny's somewhere along the El Camino Real, except for the fact that I drove from Mountain View to Atherton along the El Camino, only to find no such Denny's existed. So either I went the wrong way down El Camino from San Antonio Road, or I got seriously ditched. Given the fact that I see these two clowns on a semi-daily basis, they would know better than to send me on a wild-goose chase for an hour driving damn near to Redwood City. I was tired by then and I needed to go home and sleep. Update: After talking with Dan, they didn't ditch me. I went the wrong way down El Camino Real. Of course, had Dave told me it was in Mt. View, and not Palo Alto, I might have actually arrived at my destination. He said it was in Palo Alto.

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