Last night I went to Gamestop to pick up my copy of NHL 2004 I had preordered. While there, DK (Dan King) goaded me into signing up for the NHL 2004 tournament on the 4th of October. The grand prize winner gets a jersey from the Sharks and a trip for two to New York City to participate in the national tourney. I guess box seats wasn’t enough, eh?

Anyway, today’s classes finally kicked into high gear, especially math. I was trying my best to keep pace with math class and all the calculator training they put me through. How to use the TI-83 Plus, how to get it to do graphs, how to get it to do tricks, make you coffee, do a little jig… and we’re still not done. Though, I do need to get my homework done sometime tonightbefore I go to sleep… it might be due tomorrow morning bright and early.

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