End of Week One

Deja vu: I had an entry named this last quarter…

I had a math test this morning, which I studied for last night by doing my homework at the last minute, including the chapter one review test in the book. I have to hand it to my math professor from last quarter, her suggestion about doing the math 101 review process sure helped,as the first question dealt directly with one of the concepts I had forgotten. The second question was directly lifted from the notes from yesterday, so that ruled all… I nailed that one down pretty hard.

At the end of the first week, I’m just shaking my head. A few problems that need addressing as far as logistics go.

1) figure out how to better budget my time so I can get some decent sleep.
2) figure out how to add a few physical activities so I can lose 5.5 pounds a week.
3) figure out what kind of final project I want to do for Japanese 4.

I don’t think that’s too much of a tall order for this quarter, so far. And as far as the job is concerned, I’m totally okay with it, now. Looks like eBay’s being very generous about the severence package, apparently there’s a possibility of stocks also being offered to me, which is cool because I can ride all of that out to SFSU, if necessary. I talked with some of the other guys who got laid off and they’re talking about taking long vacations for a while, so hey. I’m just going to go back to school and get my damn degree and then do something with it. I am putting out some minor feelers about another job, but I’m not going to stress over it. School is nice and low stress enough for me to handle right now. 🙂

This weekend looks like it’ll be a little busy. JTAF2 meeting in the city, my cousin’s NCAA volleyball game at SCU, and I need to study for next week’s math test, Japanese homework for conversation, blah blah blah… ugh. Two days off just isn’t enough anymore 🙂

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    ^^Yeah Mike! I’ll see you tomorrow! By the way… did you ever find my Moulin Rouge Soundtrack? I accidently left it in the Ebay Laptop ^_^

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