EverQuest and Final Fantasy XI

I’ve been playing an awful lot of EverQuest lately, when I probably should have been studying, but I think I hit another high tide in my EQ playing. Shit, I pay for it every month, I might as well get as much enjoyment out of it before I can no longer afford it. But also, I picked up FFXI Online when it came out last week and installed it both on my laptop and my desktop, for ease of use. FFXI has awesome music, but the interface requires some reading of the manual in order to really get used to it. EQ has the advantage; when I first started playing EQ, it was slightly less confusing and more intuitive to me. Plus, I had Todd helping me out back then and pretty soon it was like I was an old pro. These days, I’ve been spending time looking for decent user interfaces for EQ, since the interface is now written entirely in XML, so any old boob can create a new and nifty interface for the game. I downloaded a pretty good one last Friday and it has everything I’m looking for in an interface.

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