Too Many Compromises

Whenever something is compromised, it’s basically giving up something in order to get something. Sometimes, that something is something of worth and sometimes it’s not, depending on the circumstances of the compromise. I’ve been wanting my college degree for quite some time. I don’t blame my parents for splitting up or going bankrupt, or forcing me to work in order to survive… those are all just facts of life. I don’t blame eBay for laying me off just as I was getting back into the school groove, and now forcing me to get out of it to get another job in order to keep the roof over my head currently.

But I cannot sit here and not say it hasn’t been a frustrating thing to deal with. As I said before, it sucks that just as I’m getting into one thing really well, something else fucks that up beyond my control. And beleive me when I say I’ve triede my damndest to get it under control, but to no avail. I will finish this quarter of school for sure, but next quarter is questionable. Which means, I’ll have to wait until next winter quarter to pick up again, and that blows hardcore. I can still do general education courses online without difficulty, but Japanese is what I need to keep up without interruption. The class I’m taking right now is difficult enough without missing a single day here and there, but a whole year? I’ll be lucky if I can get back into it without missing a step and finish it out.

I feel like I’ve been compromising too much of myself lately. Personal integrity seems to be fatigued.

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