The Wonder that is The City

All week long, I’ve been driving to Brisbane for my new job. For those of you who’re unable to fathom where the hell Brisbane is, it is right here. Notice how close to San Francisco this city is, and also realize that I can see Candlestick Park from where I work. When I go into the break room, I drink Pepsi and admire the view. Every time I sit there and do so, I feel a need to drive into the city and visit my friends… or just drive around and revel in being in the city. I never honestly knew how much I missed being there, mostly because my friends just like to get together and have a lot of fun being around them and just haning out. On Friday, after a full week of yearning, I finally just took a pack lunch and went into the city via 101 right by the park. I drove all the way to Pac Bell Park, turned around and drove back.

Yesterday (Saturday), I drove back up to the city for the JTAF meeting at 1pm over at Ray’s place. After the meeting was over, , , and , along with ‘s two girls headed to Japantown for food. We ended up in the Kintetsu’s restuarant area and had lunch at Mifune. I forgot that Mifune was the place that had absolutely nothing I liked, and it was the place next door that Adrian and I had lunch at with Jon and it was all good. I had had a huge burrito before the meeting (and during) so I wasn’t hungry, but I did partake of some “dream cake” from the bakery inside the mall. After the visit to Sophie’s Crepes and me validating parking at the Kinokuniya bookstore (I bought the new aiko cd), Kimiko and kids had to go, so Chris, Meg and I went to the Metreon to play Dance Dance Revolution at $2 a play (ugh). I think I only got in five songs, because Meg and I were switching off to play with Chris (who is the man). Eventually, we went to get tickets to see Hellboy and all was good there. I liked the movie, in spite of Meg’s boyfriend’s bad review. I’d go see it again in the theater, for sure.

After the movie, there was another round of DDR, and I noticed that the full moon turned the night sky purple and bright. It was like dusk rather than night, and I thought that was cool. Meg’s last train left at midnight, so I had to drive her across the bay to Pleasanton, and then amazingly enough, I made it back into San Jose 17 minutes later, after driving 30 miles at 90mph without getting pulled over, which is always very cool. I was in time to pick Todd up and then I had to go to sleep (I woke up at 7:30am) before I collapsed.

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    • sweetmegumi on April 4, 2004 at 05:53

    I was so sleepy I didn’t notice how fast we were going. Hehe it was an ‘okay’ movie. I still wished we went and saw Jersey Girl though. Kevin Smith rocks!

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