Phase Two of the JTAF2 Marketing Campaign begins today. Phase One began two weeks ago and consisted of a moderate internet campaign to get the feet wet and start driving traffic to the web page. Phase Two is now going to include TV/Radio advertising, and locating target newspapers to start running advertisements in, as well as broadening the current internet campaign to include web sites that will generate clicks.

Clicks are more important than impressions. If I ever got a 100% CTR on 1,000 impressions, that would be better than running 100,000 impressions and only getting somewhere around 0.5% CTR. That’s roughly standard. Right now, I have ads running on Something Positive, Megatokyo, and Sexylosers. We’ll most likely be adding four more web sites to advertise on, plus we’re looking into some of the big ones like imDb, Yahoo, Google, anywhere that has heavy traffic and has audience targetting options. Run-of-site banners on Anipike are a good idea for one week out of the month, because that guarantees the banner will be seen by everyone who visits the site, similar to how something positive runs our banner. That’s the maximum exposure I want for JTAF2.

Phase Three… ah, that’s when the fun starts. 😉 I’ll write about that later.

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