Diet and Exercise

In honor of a friend’s ulcer, I am moving to a full liquid diet as of… Wednesday, actually. That’s right, I’m going to try and control my eating and change my eating behavior again. I think this time, I have a little more support and an easier regimen. Instead of a clear liquid diet, which would almost certainly kill me, I can have cream of wheat (yum), Jell-O gelatin and pudding (yum yum), and milk (yum yum yum). Not that I didn’t drink milk in the past, but now I have more reason to. Oh, and , I had to buy more of those chocolate drinks you had, because they were gooooood. 😛 And, as an aside, you fucking rule me, man.

Anyway, so Jon and I are going to be setting up some sort of exercise schedule. I stretched yesterday and played DDR for 45 minutes. My knee did not hurt, which was good, I think. I didn’t favor it or anything, it just didn’t start hurting like it usually does when I push myself playing DDR too much. And 45 minutes of DDR is pretty strenuous on my overweight frame. My goal is to shed the water weight and then maybe maintain what muscles I do have. I’d like to drop 100 pounds first and get myself closer to 200 pounds total. Right now I’m at 326, but that’s down from 345 earlier in the year. I can’t beleive that at one point, I weighed 370. Yikes.

If you’d like to see what I’ve been eating lately, I have an account at

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