Workout Update

So far, it looks like I might be falling behind on the working out thing.  With relation to my sleep schedule, last night I went to sleep way early because I kept nodding off in my desk chair.  Not to mention that throughout the day, I was trying really hard not to nod off at my desk.  I need to find a way to elevate my desk so I can stand up and use it with a tall chair or something, because standing up I am totally unable to fall asleep.  Better yet, I really wish I had that auto-lifter for my desk back when I worked at Yahoo.  I had this desk at Yahoo that had a motorized lift on it.  If I wanted to stand for a few minutes and work that way so I wasn’t sitting down all day without a break, I hit this button on it and let it rise up until it was at the proper height, and then I would stand and continue to work.  I used it once every hour, every fifty minutes I would be standing for ten minutes, and then I would sit back down and lower the desk to the proper sitting height.  It ruled.

Anyway, because I fell asleep early, I didn’t do my sit-ups and push-ups like I had planned to.  So I got it done tonight, instead.  I did 113 reps of sit-ups, and 30+ push-ups.  Then I did thirty minutes of cardio.  That’s pretty much my every-other-day workout right now.  Cardio’s important, but I like how my abs feel after a hard sit-up workout.  I’m using the 200 situps and 100 pushups program right now.  For cardio, I’m using a combination of recumbent stationary bicycle, swimming, and my Dance Dance Revolution pad.  Swimming is probably one of my harder workouts, because I use my twitch muscles and keep them confused.  The bike is obviously a good leg workout, because I’m constantly keeping them moving.  DDR is also a leg-heavy workout and its fun, because I have like 17 gigs of music to work out to, but it’s kind of hard on my knees for the jumps and the twisting around (when I want to show off to no one and get fancy).  But in all three cases, I really work up a good sweat and have some water to cool down.

I try to stretch out as much as possible, but I’m still kind of sore from the softball game on Tuesday night.  I was really feeling my quadriceps burning when I stretched them out, and my shins were also sore.  My calves are tanks; I never feel sore there.  I think for my next cardio, I’ll do swimming.  The weather’s perfect for it, now.  Not so much in the winter, with the rain and the cold weather and plus they don’t heat the pool.  I’m sure I’ll catch pneumonia swimming out there from November to March.  April, when it starts to heat up a little more, is a good month to start swimming.

I’m determined to lose weight.  I need to be able to run faster for softball.  And I want to start pulling the ball farther than short to mid center.  I want to slap softballs against the outfield fence!

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