What is Left of My Brain Resides in a Puddle on the Floor…

I’m finally home.

There’s a buffer beyond running a convention that should be observed, though I’ve found in my experiences, that too much of a buffer when you have to run the next year’s convention can destroy it. Following the first year, I took a six month break; I had come on board with JTAF1 six weeks prior and ended up burning myself out so much that I just unplugged from everyone and everything. Also, being laid off from eBay probably had a lot to do with it. I got my layoff notification two days before JTAF1 started, and I didn’t have time to properly be depressed.

JTAF2 was so much better than the first. I have to hand it to the staff, all the way; they put on one hell of a show in spite of the odds and some of the obstacles placed in their way. I especially liked how Logistics kicked some serious ass all weekend long and even into the breakdown period afterward. Those guys went home on Sunday night utterly exhausted, so I hope when we do the party this coming Sunday, they’ll be shown how much we truly appreciated their efforts.

Yes, the dance sucked. That was all my fault; the hotel’s contracts should have been looked at much closer and it was my name on the signature line. Yes, for those who asked, I did tender my resignation. Ray rejected it. Why did I tender? I wince at those who need to ask why. I’m the deputy chief director and I take my responsibilities very seriously. Ray depends on me to run his show and run it without difficulty. The dance’s failure cost serious money, serious enough for me to offer my resignation. It’s called being accountable for making a mistake to the tune of thousands of dollars, then turning around and letting my boss know that I stood ready to be dismissed if he wanted it. If there was any head going to roll, it would be mine. Sure, the hotel really screwed us, but it was my job to prevent that. Ray did not feel that way, obviously, and we discussed the matter amongst ourselves and with the hotel staff to prevent this next year. I’ll be back for next year, no doubt about that. There will be some serious changes in the way we do things, and I’m looking forward to seeing how well those changes work for us.

The bottom line is that I had a lot of fun over the weekend. I got to meet Randy Milholland, for shit’s sake. For those of you who don’t know who he is, please go and check out http://www.somethingpositive.net and read his comic. If you share my sense of humor, you will love it. Randy’s a great person to talk with and he made a lot of friends with the JTAF staff this year. In fact, I interviewed him, Aeire, and Poe for Japan-A-Radio (an interview that will contain massive amounts of censoring), and it was fucking amazing. Speaking of Aeire… wow. I’ve only really known her through her art (which isn’t to say I know her at all or anything) and the limited emails passed in planning her arrival, but meeting and talking with her was pretty damn cool. My only gripe was not being able to spend more time with Randy, Aeire, and Poe over the weekend. I know they had a lot of fun hanging out with each other, and I was so glad they enjoyed visiting San Francisco.

As for Poe… I just really hoped he had a good time with us.

On Tuesday, though, I took Brett Weaver and EK along the Pacific Coast Highway so they could make their flight to San Jose International. Those two are way cool people to talk to, too. Brett’s a direct person and doesn’t mince words, which is really refreshing, and EK is not only a great listener but her demeanor set me at ease whenever I talked with her. I found both of them to be very engaging and I hope they come back soon.

Sami Harte slayed me. SLAYED. She is such a character. I so want her back next year! She and her boyfriend, Dominic, even brought ConOps a bunch of See’s candies (boxed and bars), which was very awesome. The staff loved her to death. πŸ™‚

Lindsay Cibos stayed with us through the breakdown. Her flight got delayed/cancelled due to the hurricane, as she lives near Orlando. She’s trying to get a flight out tonight, and I hope she makes it home all right.

I’ll write more when my eyelids stop fighting me on staying open.

Let’s go Geki-JTAF 3!

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    • deathbytamarind on September 15, 2004 at 23:43

    Ichiro says it all.

    Sleep dammit.

    • chibiendy on September 16, 2004 at 00:59

    It’s Sunday? Eww… Gonna be at work. Bummer. See you around next year then I suppose. =)

    • saebel on September 16, 2004 at 03:02

    The Guests of Honor ruled this year. Can we have all of them back next year? Pretty please? πŸ™‚ I’ll be prepared with ample cash so I can actually buy drawings from Randy in person this time. -_-‘

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