I shaved my head. I no longer have an unruly mop on my scalp, which is good. It’s hard to manage it and I was getting sick of feeling like my hair needed to be tamed every morning. Using that much conditioner every morning was beginning to get expensive. I use to do this once a season; at the beginning of every season I would cut it down to an inch or a little under an inch, and then by the end of the season or the beginning of the next one, it would get to a point where I would need to prune the ol’ hedge again. It feels nice to no longer have three pounds of hair on my head.

In other hair news, I’ve also decided to try a goatee again.

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    • deathbytamarind on September 22, 2004 at 04:00


    The only thing that can absolve you from this travesty is if your goatee is satisfactory.

    I hate you.

    • jetblack on September 22, 2004 at 04:05

    I like having my hair this short. đŸ™‚ As for the goatee, it’s a full goatee, and trimmed like I had it on my drivers’ license.

    — ZC

    • deathbytamarind on September 22, 2004 at 04:10

    Shaved head like Dustan Mohr, or buzz cut? Shaved heads can be nice provided the skull isn’t lumpy and weird-looking, but buzz cuts are a travesty. A crime against hair everywhere.

    • jetblack on September 22, 2004 at 04:17

    It’s buzzed. Travesty, indeed. In less than a week, though, my hair grows out of it. My hair grows back really fast.

    — ZC

    • deathbytamarind on September 22, 2004 at 04:27

    Same here. I need to go get a cut myself. I just got three inches taken off in March and already it’s grown back.

    • sweetmegumi on September 22, 2004 at 06:33

    Eeek. Shall i be afraid? Or wait for a month until you grow your mop back? hee hee.

    • jetblack on September 22, 2004 at 11:30

    Either or.

    — ZC

    • frumpysf on September 22, 2004 at 18:14

    3 pounds of hair? Good lord, that’s disgusting…lol

    • jetblack on September 23, 2004 at 03:37

    When you let it grow out, it gets pretty unruly, no matter how much you try to condition it. It just ends up being really soft yet completely unmanagable. I’m trying to remember if you were around when I shaved it last or not.

    — ZC

    • frumpysf on September 23, 2004 at 15:40

    Last time I saw you was July 4th weekend for AX.

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