Ah, some research material for Unwound has resulted in me watching this series called DearS. Now, having been through very nearly similiar types of shows like Choits and Goddess, all I can say is, this show RULES. Oh man, it must be because it is hilarious given the kind of situation the main character is in. Basically, aliens land on the Earth and become citizens in Japan, except one of the aliens meets up with the main character, Takeya, and because he saves her life (she nearly gets run over by a truck), she pledges her life to him.. for all eternity. Let’s also add that she’s stacked (as all aliens should be, if we go by T’Pol’s look from Star Trek: Enterprise), and she is very submissive to Takeya. Also, and this is hilariuous, but the teacher of the class Takeya is in, is stacked and horny for her students. Shades of Mahoromatic, there.

In spite of the whole series, though, I am laughing my ass off. It is hilarious. A little bit of an early review, but man I couldn’t help myself.

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