Getting this in before midnight…

I woke up early this morning to play Earth & Beyond. Yes, I beleive that I am officially hooked on playing this awesome game until I can’t see anymore. Problem is, that the machine I use to burn stuff is the same machine that I play this game on, so playing cuts into valuable burning time, and therein lies something of a dilemma for me. Oh, well.

This afternoon, I decided that since it was going to start raining, I would have to get some actual winter clothes. I went to a few of my favorite clothing stores and bought myself some nice-looking clothes, mostly the same kinds in different colors because I like to put as little thought as to what I’m wearing as possible, just so I can concentrate on bigger issues. The most important decision in my day is never “What am I going to wear?” and it never will be. I got some long-sleeved polos, some pants (gasp!), a new jacket, socks, boxers, yadda yadda yadda… not like we need to list everything here.

I went over to my buddy Johannes’ place for the weekly Mah-Johng night. I don’t really play MJ anymore, and to tell truth, I haven’t really gone to hang out at his place as much as I used to. Tonight, surrounded by my old friends and stuff, I realized that I didn’t want to be there anymore. I was just mentally exhausted, having to listen to inane conversation and try to act as thought I were interested in what was going on. I like talking to Johannes, Bruce, Karen, and a few others, but damn if the other people just grate on my nerves. They never make me feel welcome, and when they do talk to me, I sense it’s simply out of some stupid modicum of social consciousness. I guess it could be worse, but that’s not what I call an evening of enjoyment. Just because I don’t like stupid humor, or am just not interested in the slightest about them. It’s draining to be there sometimes… and sometimes, it can be a hell of a lot of fun. I guess it’s just a crap shoot, and I’ll see what happens next week. Right now, though… BLAH.

I’m looking forward to an interesting week of being back in town from last week. My Wednesday and Thursday are already booked solid…. I just booked Tuesday night pretty good, too.

— name: Cochrane
— birthplace: Santa Clara, CA
— current location: San Jose, CA
— eye color: brown
— hair color: black
— height: 5’9″
— shoe size: 13.5
— marital status: separated
— righty or lefty: lefty
— zodiac sign: gemini
— innie or outtie: Innie

// series two – describe
— your heritage: Mexican, Spanish, Native American, French
— the shoes you wore today: Black Times Dockers
— your hair: black, business cut
— your weakness: Anime, Singing, Dance Dance Revolution
— your fears: arachnids
— your perfect pizza: extra cheese, extra sauce, ham.
— one thing you’d like to achieve: write a novel that gets bound in hardcover form.

// series three – what is…
— your most overused phrase on aol\aim: Ah.
— your thoughts first waking up: I don’t remember.
— the first feature you notice in the opposite (or same) sex: hair
— your best physical features: eyes
— your bedtime: whenever I start to lose it.
— your greatest accomplishment: not achieved yet.
— your most missed memory: If you miss the memory, how do you know if you miss it?

// series four – you prefer
— pepsi or coke: pepsi
— mcdonald’s or burger king: neither
— single or group dates: both
— adidas or nike: neither
— lipton iced tea or nestea: nestea
— chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
— cappucino or coffee: don’t drink coffee
— boxers or briefs: both

// series five – do you
— smoke: nope
— cuss: a lot
— sing well: yes
— take a shower everyday: yes
— do you think you’ve been in love: yes
— want to go to college: yes
— like high school: yes
— want to get married: eventually
— type with your fingers on the right keys: if you type with your fingers on the wrong keys, then you wouldn’t be able to read it
— believe in yourself: absolutely
— get motion sickness: never
— think you’re attractive: no
— think you’re a health freak: no
— like thunderstorms: yes
— play an instrument: yes, sax and piano.

// series six – in the past month, did/have you
— drank alcohol: no
— smoke(d): no
— done a drug: no
— have sex: no
— go on a date: sort of
— go to the mall?: yes
— eaten an entire box of oreos: no
— eaten sushi: no
— been on stage: no
— been dumped: no
— gone skating: no
— made homemade cookies: no
— gone skinny dipping: no
— dyed your hair: no
— stolen anything: no

// series seven – have you ever
— played a game that required removal of clothing?: yes, I won.
— if so, was it mixed company: yes
— been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no
— been caught “doing something”: no
— been called a tease: no
— gotten beaten up: no
— shoplifted: yes
— if so, did you get caught: no
— changed who you were to fit in: no

// series eight – the future
— age you hope to be married: been there, done that
— itinerary?: n/a
— numbers and names of children: fifteen, all named after Trek characters. (jk)
— descibe your dream wedding: anywhere but Reno.
— how do you want to die: with my eyes open
— where you want to go to college: Kyoto University
— what do you want to be when you grow up: astronaut
— what country would you most like to visit: Japan
= current clothes: Long-sleeved polo, dockers pants
= current mood:
= current taste: orange
= current hair: same as always
= current annoyance: stupid people
= current smell: orange
= current thing you ought to be doing: cleaning
= current desktop picture: starfield (redtail), Otohime Mutsumi and Maehara Shinobu (spike)
= current favorite groups: the brilliant green and Tommy February 6
= current book: A King’s Commander by Dewey Lambdin
= current dvd in player: Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5, Disc 3
= current refreshment: Orange juice
= current worry: the future
= current crush: Setec Astronomy
= current favorite celebrity: Esumi Makiko

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    • nixnivis on November 11, 2002 at 22:14

    Always nice to meet another lefty – there’s far too few of us…

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