New Year’s Eve

Unfortunately, I will be working New Year’s Day, so this means that there will be annual dorama party gather on New Year’s Eve, where I make the highly coveted faux Chicken Marinara dish that most everyone looks forward to and brings at least a bottle of Pepto to go with it. It’s unfortunate, because this is the first time in almost nine years that at least one of us in the old anime circle is NOT throwing an NYE party. So endeth some kind of era that Ken started back in 95, and I’ve tried to keep going through to the 21st century. It was a good run, but all good things must end, and there you are. Of course, people are welcome to drop by that night, but don’t expect much. I’ll be in bed by 1am for sure, and I’ll probably make the dish anyway because my roommates goe apeshit over it. I, myself, can’t even look at it anymore without popping Pepcid left and right.

Some NYE memories:

  • 1995 – The first year, at Ken’s place, we drank 10 bottles of sparkling apple cider and between the five of us, managed to get through 25 episodes of Maison Ikkoku without subtitles and one guy translating.
  • 1996 – The second year, went from scuzzy anime hangout to classy dinner and dancing, at Ken’s place. The scuzzy anime room was there, but all the classy people were upstairs while we watched anime all night. First appearance of the chicken marinara.
  • 1997 – Last year at Ken’s place, very sad.
  • 1998 – First year at my apartment, much to the dismay of my wife. Party crashers abound, with three pans of chicken marinara and still not enough to feed everyone. Master of Orion and EverQuest dominated the evening, with a smattering of anime watching.
  • 1999 – Let’s party like its 1999! This was the largest gathering ever, with over 30 people cramming into my 2 bedroom apartment. Lesbian movies in my office, anime in the living room, pot smoke on my patio. Many many many drunken people, and I’m nominated for best Drunk Mom ever, when in fact I just didn’t want people vomiting on my carpet.
  • 2000 – Post divorce, only a few people showed at Mike and Linda’s, with one pan of marinara to satisfy everyone. Lots o Miyazaki watching.
  • 2001 – Small gather, like maybe three people. First appearance of dorama at NYE, with Over Time from dusk til dawn.
  • 2002 – First Todd and Mike NYE: small again, with a pan of the favorite and an early night. Almost called the cops on the upstairs neighbors and all their friends, because it sounded like they were about to bring down the building on our heads. We must be getting old.
  • 2003 – Doramas abound. Inspiration for the monthly dorama night that lasted three months before I started my new job.

Anyway, now that I’ve walked down memory lane, perhaps I was too hasty. A small and short night wouldn’t be too much.

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