After Friday night’s game with and … and getting married at a toll booth… Saturday was spent pretty much preparing for the dorama night with the gang. I cleaned as much of the house as possible, and ended up paying for it with a sore back muscle or two. The soreness reminded me that I need to work out, so when Jon came over that night, I asked him to work out with me on Monday and he said he would, so I’m looking forward to that. Jon really knows how to push me, so I’m actually looking forward to this.

Before dorama night began, Jesse and came over so we could record the show and then uploaded it to MiS. By the time we were done with the show, and Jon had arrived. Jon also brought over the complete series of Freaks and Geeks and I fucking love this series. I can’t beleive this series got cancelled in the middle of the first season! What the hell was NBC thinking? I’ve found a new awesome show, and I’m sad there’s only eighteen episodes… it’s like reliving the Firefly Revelation all over again. The funny part was that Jon actually doesn’t like dorama 😛 He brings booze to dorama nights so he can get liquored up and the doramas become worth watching, but apparently the dorama we were watching that night was so bad that not even a 12 pack of hard lemonade helped. I couldn’t put drinks in his hand fast enough! 😉 But Freaks and Geeks was awesome and worth it, so I’m all right with only watching one disc of Sutaa no Koi and then geeking out for the rest of the night (sorry , but I really loved this show!).

I did not get any sleep that night. I was up until 5am with , , , , and . Jon (the only non lj-user 😉 took off at around 3am after sobering up… but the party raged forth until… Sunday night, almost. I slept for all of three hours because I wanted to be up early in case some plans came up, but that didn’t happen so I pretty much watched the anime Jesse wanted us to review for the next show, which was School Rumble and Najica: Blitz Tactics. I blitz through both in one day and all I can say is that School Rumble ruled me. Go download it now!

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