Hello, everyone.

Tonight’s show was retty well-received by those who gave us some feedback. I thought the final cut of the show came off really well, in spite of the long music cues; the first segment had to be cut at 27 minutes, and unfortunately, we were almost 5 minutes short! I had to extend some of the music cues to make up for lost time and added two long music bridges for the sub-segments… and it turned out to be 27 minutes on the nose. The second segment was 4 minutes long, so I had to cut 4 minutes of material in order to make the 28 minute line. I was one-millionth of a second short. 😛

Doing an hour-long show was a little difficult without having some serious content; last time, we had an interview with Doctor Brown to fill for 12 of the necessary 27 minutes, and the other half of the segment was mostly about Anime Expo. This week, we read listener mails, and then did an old school/new school debate about anime in general. Though, to me, it sounded like we wandered off the point every minute or so, I guess the listeners didn’t care or didn’t notice. 🙂 In the IRC channel for the radio station, I was chatting with listeners in real time, and it’s kind of nice to have that instant feedback to gauge the response.

For the record: I slept 14.5 hours last night. I guess all this sleep deprivation finally caught up with my body, because I went to sleep at 3pm Saturday and I did not wake up until 7am Sunday. I opened my eyes and saw morning and the first three words out of my mouth was, “What the fuck?”

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