Who here likes working weekends, anyway? I used to, because I had no social life, but it seems that the Bay Area members of the LiveJournalers seem to like to get together on days they don’t work. Now, I’m not sure if anyone knows what I do for a living, but let me just say that it involves me being oncall 24×7, and that often times means being called at very inappropriate times of day/night/morning/whatever. It’s pretty much what I signed on for, to be the guy they count on to cover a shift or to cover the hours between shifts if need be. In honesty, I really enjoy exhibiting the flexibility because I can do it. But sometimes there are weekends where I would love for the phone to just not ring. This was one of those weekends.

I worked all day Saturday and most of Sunday, and I ended up meeting for the first time and she was so not what I pictured, but then again, I didn’t have much of a picture to go by. At least she didn’t opt to take BART back, which was good for me because I had a lot of fun at the party and afterward. It just sucks that she’s moving to NYC now that we could add her to our little group; but I’m looking forward to BWE2005. 🙂 At Tap’s party, I also met quite a few others, but y’know… I’ve already forgotten names, but not faces. It’s because I know people by their livejournal names.

Oh, and James… dude, you booked right after. We were hanging out outside the restuarant and there was a vapor trail instead of you. 😛 Hilarious.

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