BWE2005: Post-Game Wrapup

For those of you following along, the week prior to BWE was absolutely atrocious. I’d put in a fair amount of hours, plus there was this thing at work that I made a mistake on that may or may not cost me my job depending on how the brass react to it. Needless to say, it affected production systems, and cause the NOC to be unable to monitor systems for 2 hours during peak time. Intentional or otherwise, business goons tend to look at results rather than intent. Intent only counts in court.

I was looking forward to getting off of work and enjoying myself this weekend. My two favorite teams were playing each other, the Giants and the Indians, so it was looking to be a good series any way you slice it, because I was rooting for both teams. Technically the Giants more than the Indians, but it was fun to trip out the Giants fans around me for cheering, “GO TRIBE!” when I was wearing a Giants cap. 🙂 Also, the fact that was there made the NICE CUT and GOOD TAKE cheers even more fun. With , , and in attendance for the weekend, it was pretty cool. But the hotel fucked up several times and I had to sleep in a chair that has now officially made my lower back a living nightmare… so the weekend wasn’t BEST WEEKEND EVAR, but way less so.

Oh, and , here’s the 100 things meme I mentioned.

Next up: Birthday Weekend (June 19), and Giants game (vs. Dbacks) on June 21st.

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    • sleepysluggo on June 13, 2005 at 21:41

    That’s a really detailed 100 things list. Dang.

    Sorry about your back. 🙁

    • jetblack on June 13, 2005 at 21:43

    Yeah, well, it’s a nice primer on me, I suppose.

    Btw, awesome cookies.

    — ZC

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