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First, thanks to , I’ve been somewhat engrossed in baseball history with This Great Game.com. If you’re a baseball fan, or a baseball historian (which I would hope precludes the former), go there now and absorb. Awesome site.

Secondly, I spoke with my boss at length about the future. He wants to make me his second-in-command, but there’s no head count for it. He knows I would make an excellent executive officer, and so far he’s been picking my brain for operational changes, but there’s just no way I could get out of working in the actual NOC. Which is what I want. He suggested having me resign and then return as a contractor to work weekends at a higher rate of pay to just do documentation and maybe back up the NOC. He thinks I could do this through April, but I want way less time in the NOC. The cool point about working weekends only is that I could literally work another gig for supplemental income, and since I’m getting married in April, this is not a bad idea.

Of course, then I would zero time to myself, but at least I could get out of debt faster and have the free time to do that. I could use the extra money. Bleh, I’m just so sick of NOC work right now, but if I don’t get the HP job then I can’t really just leave my job with any kind of common sense left in my brain. Maybe, before, when I was just thinking of myself, I could’ve, but not anymore. I have a larger responsibility to see to, now.

I’ll figure it out.

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