Pre-Monday Blues

As I was saying in yesterday’s post, being sick really sucks.  I had like two days of being sick that I had to weather through all the aching and pain of coughing your lungs out as the phlegm tries to escape.  But, anyway… enough grossness.

Some good news came out of the long weekend.  I finished and won NaNoWriMo for the third year in a row.  But now I’m working on another story right now that has to do with the afterlife.  I’m not sure if I’ll finish it, because I have no idea where in the hell I’m going with the plot, but I have better idea of who the characters are and how they react to one another.  I can finally see them in my head, interacting with one another enough to start describing what’s happening.  It’s moving pretty quick; I wrote 2.5k in a day.  That’s pretty good considering I’m way the hell outside my genre, so it sort of feels like I’m back in to the storm-tossed sea of ideas without any ability to grab onto anything tightly enough to buoy myself.

In other news, Tap‘s at the Arizona Fall League and I’m eager to read her reports on how it’s going down there.  I really kind of wanted to go to the AFL games, but you can’t really get time off in the first month of working at a new job.  Plus, I don’t think I could afford to be down there for more than maybe a day or two at the most before having to come back up and go back to work.  Actually, in thinking on it more, I would really much rather do spring training than the AFL, because I’ve been promising myself a spring training weekend for years, now.

I hope Monday’s busy enough to keep me engaged on working issues.  I hate it when it gets so slow I blog like six times in one day…

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    • Tap on November 12, 2007 at 09:13

    I have some good quotes from Manny Burriss on his 2007 season and his AFL performance so far. Plus I got the skinny on Eugenio Velez…the skinny on Skinny? So far that’s about all that is worth reporting, other than the Scottsdale Stadium press box has dial up internet.

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