New Year’s Resolution: Update from June 19th

Some of you did not get to see my New Year’s Resolutions on my birthday. I don’t do resolutions at the calendar new year because it’s not my new year.. it’s the calendar’s. Anyway, an update on my current resolutions for age Twenty-Nine are:

Resolutions for Age Twenty-Nine:

1) I will finish Knight Commander by summer’s end.

Not quite by summer’s end, but I finished the first draft in October.

2) I will move to Pacifica by the year’s end.

I’ve been living in the city since August, with my fiancee, .

3) I will go to Anime Expo 2005 and have fun.

Done and done.

4) I will switch jobs, either internally or externally. (sort of)

I’ve quit and am unemployed, so I’ve stopped working at the hell-hole altogether. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

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