News from the Cave

That’s what I’ve been calliing my little hovel here in the back of the building. Because it’s this windowless room with one door. 🙂

Since last week, I’ve now built three server, all FreeBSD (much to the local sysadmin’s dismay, who favors Linux above all), and all with separate services:

semper (aka noc1-hq) runs monitoring only.
fidelis (aka noc2-hq) runs the wiki and mysql 5.
paratus (aka noc3-hq) runs the portal and the ticketing system.

Semper Fidelis Paratus is Latin for “always faithful and ready.”

Everyone here thinks I’m either an ex-marine or an ex-coast guard member. I just wanted to name my servers something cool and invoke a sense of always being ready and faithful. 🙂

I’ve been pulling these long days, though. Thankfully, with ‘s help, I’ve been able to build out three snazzy machines and they’ll be equal to the task. I hope I didn’t just set them up for failure with the names, because that would suck serious ass.

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1 comment

    • margath on February 12, 2006 at 04:12

    Curiously, what tools do you use to monitor? Nagios?

    (If it violates Network Security, don’t tell me I understand.)

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