The Autumn Dream

I have awoken from the Autumn Dream.

Some short comments:

– akai SKY was awesome, and should have played last in the Battle of the Bands.
– Stage Crew ruled all.
– It’s too bad we never got the Internet to work.
– I may be too old to pull 22 hour days.
– My feet staged a coup on Sunday night and now there is a new regime in place. The political situation is unstable.
– Transformers was never so much fun.
– Road trips are much longer and more dangerous when you’re dead-ass tired and sitting behind the wheel.
– Earth!
– Arcee only has 512k of RAM.
– Three days of shuffling cards and dealing Texas Hold ’em made my fingers hurt.
– High school drama is more fun when it doesn’t involve me.
– Baseball’s fun when you have people to share it with. Watching the Tribe (with help from the local insects) kill the Yankees in Cleveland was awesome.
– I really didn’t want to leave on Sunday.
– If only Ani-Magic could have been a four-day event instead of three…

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