Weird Saturday…

Before I begin, I’d like to thank everyone who did not show tonight for making the first Dorama Night of 2006 an utter failure. The next time I hear people telling me “you need to host Dorama Night again,” I’m going to shove my fucking fist through their mouths and rip out their spinal columns. Seriously. Every single person who told me that last time stood me up tonight. So fuck it. If you want dorama night, then host it yourselves. I have better things to do with my money and my time.

Todd and Jody capped off a three-day adventure in moving and have moved all of their things out. The only evidence of Todd ever having lived there are the divots in the carpet where his furniture used to be. Oh, and the man-sized ticks and chiggers asking where he went. Don’t worry, Todd… Ralph and boys are on their way over, so I hope you’ve got room 😉 Just kidding. Though half of me wants to drop a bug bomb in there. I already moved my (our) bed in there and so now we’re using Todd’s room as our bedroom and my room is being converted into a kind of den/office. I would love to track down a couple of recliners and put them in front of my entertainment center so if Robert comes over, we can just sit and play games or watch TV, no problem.

The living room’s going to need to be seriously cleaned… and reorganized. That huge entertainment center that Todd brought with him apparently survived just one more move… so now there’s a huge empty space where it used to be int he living room, and I’m going to take the opportunity to get a new (smaller) one and put it in a different part of the room. The ratty couch is going to be tossed and I think Julia’s bringing down her green couch from the city as well as some other furniture she has already. But still, I want recliners, even if it is remeniscent of Friends 😛 Just like in the dream, baby. Though, I may move the simple entertainment center from in my room out to the living room and get a better one for the office. Something that has a case inside so I’m not worried about shit falling off due to it being stacked precariously. Which reminds me that I need more shelving in here. I do not have enough shelf space for my shit by a long shot. Hmm…

I keep looking at a calendar and I can’t beleive my wedding’s only thirty-five days from now. Wow.

In other news, baseball’s back. I’ve been catching games of the World Baseball Classic on ESPN2, and listening to Giants spring training games on KNBR. I missed Jon and Flemm calling games. 🙂 Now, all I need is Kruk and Kuip on the TV and I’m all set.

Lastly, work’s been pretty damn good. I have more projects than I have digits, but I’m being paid well and my 30-day evaluation was nothing but positive. Fucking A.

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    • reveritas on March 4, 2006 at 20:47

    i keep reading that as “drama night.”

    reveritasha <-- no clue

    • jetblack on March 4, 2006 at 20:49

    Dorama = drama in Japanese. 🙂

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