Another Plea

Last week (and the week before that) I mentioned that I was trying to raise money for The Office of Letters and Light. The Office is the wonderful group that runs National Novel Writing Month, which I have participated (and won) the last three years. In the time I have written under NaNoWriMo, The Office has built libraries in impoverished countries, run the Young Writers’ Program, and distributed free laptops and Alphasmarts to poor writers with no other means to write. They are a registered non-profit organization within the state of California, and they run entirely on donations from people kind enough to do so.

I’m trying to earn myself a position at the Write-In this Saturday night, and I need $200 to even qualify. I’m at $50 right now. I know it’s before Christmas and I know it’s crunch time for a lot of you, but if there’s anyway you can visit my blog and look for the NaNo Fundraising graphic and click on it… even $5s and $10s would be most helpful. If you can’t, then please at least pass the word on your LiveJournal and blogs? It’s for a great cause and all donations are 100% tax deductible.


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