Be Careful What You Wish For…

Yes, so it was a pretty busy day.  As soon as I got in and caught up on all the email, my boss pulled me aside and asked me to work on a project with him, involving a customer buildout that was a little above and beyond the normal network architecture they were used to.  I think what was awesome about this was the fact that I kind of got to demonstrate my experience in the field with this.  Which was nice because for the past few weeks, it’s been more like spoonfeeding me information and doing it in a manner that has a tendency to piss me off.

Also, what is up with all the headhunters calling my office?  Holy shit.  I took a grand total of five headhunter calls, all looking for different people.  They all try their best to get transferred directly to human resources or get names and extensions, and I politely inform them that I am not allowed to do either.  It’s corporate policy.  So, they get a little belligerent with me and I let them know that maybe they should adjust their tactics if they want to sweet talk information from me.  I was joking around with the guys today about that, and one of them told me that one headhunter went so far as to harrass his family at home to get in touch with him, which sent him into a rage over it.  I’ve worked for recruiting firms before, and honestly, I’ve never come across such rudeness when you’re trying to earn yourself some business.  I don’t go into job interviews and tell people how they’re wrong (unless they ask me to), so how is it okay for these assholes to call me up and say, “Well, how about finding me that extension and maybe I’ll tell you my name.”  How about you get dial tone for that one, jackass.

My personal favorite: “Oh, I’m a friend of <name>, but I forgot his extension.  Can you give it to me?”  Social engineering at its finest, and as a sysadmin, I know how to avoid it politely.  At least that guy got the hint and asked for a transfer, and I just pointed him in the direction of the reception desk.  See, I think it’s the receptionist who knows how to get these assholes in a fucking headvise and that’s why they call our 1-800 number, instead.  They always claim, “Nobody picked up at the front desk.”  Uh-huh…  whatever.

If any recruiters search Google and find this post… please do yourselves a favor and try to be a little less assholic and a little more gracious when a) cold-calling people and b) trying to get them to throw business your way.  Do you think such behavior will get rewarded?  I mean, do you not know that the reason we don’t give out that information is because we don’t want your business because you act like a fucktard slimeball?  Think about it, won’t you?  And no, I really don’t care if you have to fill a quota or risk losing your job… you applied for the job with your eyes wide open, right?  No one forced you to be a recruiter.  There are thousands of other positions in the area that earn money.

I should know, because I have one.

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