Excelsior Update

I went back over to Robert’s house to work more on the model. I decided to take some before and after shots and post them here for you guys to take a look at. I apologize for the grainy nature of the photos, but for some reason, whenever I pointed the camera at the parts, some wavy lines appeared. I could not get rid of them, as they’re in the source, now. I’ll have to figure out a way to shoot them differently. Anyway, on with the photos!

Engineering Hull 12-09This is a shot of the two pieces of the engineering hull. The blue stuff on the left part is low-adhesive masking tape that I use to act like a shield against the brush moving off the part I want to paint. I’m painting the panels on that part with flat gull grey oil enamel. On the right is the lower half of that hull section. You can’t really see, but the top of it (which is facing away from the camera) has a Pacific Blue trim. The hole toward the bottom of the part is where the navigational deflector would go, and I have to figure out a way to put two stripes on either side. There are no guides for it on the detail of the hull at all. So I guess this means I’ll have to figure out a way to run the tape along the hull’s surface just so. Today’s detail work required Pacific Blue panels on the top part, and a Pacific Blue stripe on the bottom part.

Bottom Saucer 12-09This is the bottom half of the saucer section. You’ll notice more tape around the inset edge is painted Pacific Blue half way through. The problem with the tape, at this point, is that it will not let me guide it along the edge without presenting ridges. Ridges will allow the paint to bleed through to parts of the hull where it should remain white. Top Saucer 12-09The top half of the saucer, on the other hand, is going to be a challenge. You can’t see it, but there are all these little hull details that are two-tone: gull grey and pacific blue. Right now, the impulse drive cover has tape where I’ve painted some of the detail already. All of the phaser banks, the bridge dome, the impulse domes, the windows, and the running lights all require detail work. This will be the most difficult part of the model, as it will require a steady hand. I cannot see airbrushing my way out of this trouble.

Tomorrow, I will continue with updated photos of the parts! Wish me luck!

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