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Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone.

I’m still pulling from the old topics so I can pick the ones that jump out at me.  Today’s is all about: What do you want to be remembered for?

I’ve been told that I leave quite an impression on people.  Although I’m familiar with the metaphor, I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean it literally.

Wouldn't it be awesome for it to read, "Birthplace of Badassery?"

There are a lot of things I think I’d want to be remembered for.  I’d want to be remembered for my sense of humor and my love of making others laugh.  I’d want to be remembered for some of the things I’ve written in the past for public consumption (this blog notwithstanding).  I’d want to be remembered as a halfway decent hitting first baseman during softball games.  These are pretty much firing from the hip as I drift into a stream-of-consciousness type writing style during my blog posts.

I think that everyone wants to leave something of themselves behind; something that makes a mark on the world and gives everyone pause in thinking about why it’s there and who left it.  Whenever I stumble across a bit of history in my limited travels, I’m almost always curious about it and where it came from.  I guess in my attempt to learn about it, somewhere in the back of my mind, I wonder if I’ll ever do anything of substance to give someone in the future a similar desire to want to learn about who I was.

I’m guessing that’s why most people have children.  Kids are supposed to be a bit of ourselves that we leave behind, and I never felt the need to do that.  Plus, to me, I think children have enough going on without also having the shoulder the burden of carrying any kind of legacy thrust upon them.  An extension of my ego that I don’t necessarily need to put forth into the world.  And I’m not saying that I necessarily felt any such burden in my life; I was very lucky to have two parents to recognized that I was going to strike out on my own and do things the way that I want to do them.

I’m not looking to have kids, but if I did, I hope I would follow their example.  I turned out all right.

Kind of went off topic, there.  Anyway, were I to narrow down my list to a singular thing to be remembered for, it would have to be that no matter what happened and no matter the result, that I tried my best to live my life without regret and that everything that I did, I did it my way.

Sing it, Frank!

Go Packers!

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