Thoughts Post-Move


The move is finally over. This morning at 0800 PDT, the new Mountain View facility will open its doors to the rest of the employees of the company. Then the chaos begins. Even though the IT department may feel that the building is good to go, we’re actually going to see how good we are by the number of calls and errors reported in that first day. So far, we’ve not had any actual endusers use the systems, yet. I’m so fucking glad I’m not working at all today. Though, I do feel for my coworkers, for sure. I just think it’s good I’m not there.

I think I’ve settled into my cube nicely. I’m missing desk space due to having two monitors on my desk, though. There was barely enough room for my damn desk organizer, a stapler, and a tape dispenser. I had to put my stapler and tape dispenser in my desk drawer and left the pens and organizer on top. Of course, already I know the other guys are making use of those pens. I’ll be lucky to have any when I get back on Friday night.

I hope I’ll settle back into a normal work week soon. This last week was brutal.

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